I am a multi media artist from Chicago. From design and woodworking to tedious image slicing and hand painting, each piece is made in my colorfully cozy apartment. With the help of some amazing artists, models and photographers I have a line of greeting cards as well.

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“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” ― Charles Bukowski


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    Yea, yea so I am a lot late on the painted wooden spoon train but at least I finally arrived. Not a lot of thinking to do with this one. I am currently obsessed with this color green so even less thinking to do.

    spoons 1

    spoons 2

    spoons 3

    spoons 4


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    From the trash can to the centerpiece…A spaghetti jar, an old candle container and discarded vase are given new life with a little paint, a bit of glitter and some cheap broken earrings. Pour a little paint into the jars and rolled it around to cover the inside. Once the paint dried I applied Mod Podge to the top edge of the jars. Immediately after I rolling each jar in glitter then left to dry. Ending with a final coat with Mod Podge to seal the glitter in. I picked up a couple succulents and flowers out from Sprout Home  to plant. I think they turned out a little bad ass and a little beautiful.

    Planter 1     planter 2     studs

    planter 5     planter 6     planter 4

    planter 3


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    Last night was the first Crafty Beaver event we have hosted in months and it was perfect. The attendees were small in numbers but it really gave me a chance to spend some quality time with my ladies. All in all it was a fantastic event.

    I found a few great blogs on how to make poly clay jewelry; Henry Happened, Dismount Creative and Minted Strawberry. I always like to add a recycling or an upcycling factor to our crafts and encouraged the ladies to bring old jewelry parts to reuse in their new pieces. We used FIMO clay I picked up at our local craft store, Joanns. The first batch of necklaces I followed the directions perfectly, 230 degrees for 30 minutes. The second batch I messed up and baked them for the proper 30 minutes but accidentally bumped the temperature to around 320. Honestly, the mistake in temp turned the clay a Silly Putty color and was more pliable. It seemed brittle then the earlier versions. I can see why Henry Happened’s blog altered their instructions from ones suggested by FIMO. You don’t need a lot a of clay to make a lot of fun stuff either. If you reuse old jewelry pieces this craft can cost as little as $2.40 to make several items. This craft was a definite win!

    IMG_1     IMG_2     IMG_2201

    IMG_2207     IMG_2185     IMG_2180

    IMG_3     IMG_2194     IMG_2199


    BATCH TWO: I did not get a chance to take photos with the earring backs on and chains on the necklaces. I can assure you that they all turned out beautiful though. I really love the Deathly Hallows pin!

    IMG_2265     IMG_2266     IMG_2280

    IMG_2277     IMG_2276     IMG_2268

    IMG_2273     IMG_2272     IMG_2269

    IMG_2275     IMG_2270


    It is the beginning of the school year for some and so this month we wanted to focus on education. We would like to encourage you to support Pencils of Promise Pencils of Promise, also known as PoP for short, is a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

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