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    I love seeing these strong, thoughtful, hilarious ladies each month. They come from the suburbs, far edges of the city, they rush from work, they brave Chicago’s crazy weather. Many take what precious time they are given to sneak away from home having to hire baby sitters. A warmth grows in my chest a little at just how wonderful they all are. For most of us this is the only time we see each other.  This could be the first time we have ever met or it’s last time we will see them for awhile. Life has a way giving us busy work. For today’s change, one of the very last changes I will have made this month I promise to renew C.B.C.’s dedication. Our dedication to support our community,  the earth and each other. Crafting for a cause…

    This month we proudly support Operation Smile. This is an organization which performs surgeries to repair cleft lips and cleft palates to those who either cannot afford the procedures or live in a part of the world where it is not readily performed. Remember how self-conscience you when you had acne in high school or even now? Now imagine if you felt like that for the rest of your life. By donating you not only help these people make a physical change but you help give them higher self esteem on the inside as well. I hope you visit their site today and support this very special group of people and their cause.

    For our craft we learned glass etching. We repurposed items we already owned with almost no waste being made. Here are a couple blog tutorial links on how to etch from Thistle Wood Farms and Say Yes to Hoboken. Check out what some of the Beavers made below…


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