Day 31: The End

HOORAY! Today is the last day of the 31 Days of Change self challenge. It is actually pretty shocking how many little changes I have adapted this month. The task was daunting, I really hadn’t thought it through a little more. Some things were incredibly unrealistic. My attempt to stop swearing lasted almost exactly one hour. On the other hand I have become attentive and incredibly polite when it comes to phone usage now. I still make the bed daily but I couldn’t bring myself to go to dinner alone. I am just too big of a wuss. Implementing recycling is slow going, I still need to figure out reasonably non smelly indoor composting. I learned a lot this month and also learned that all change should come in moderation. So thanks for reading this month and coming along on this insane ride with me. I will still post but not nearly as often. It really can turn into a full time job. Now I am going to lay on the couch, lazily drink my coffee and relax now that the blogging horror has subsided.