To Sir With Love

“Print is dead.” A phrase commonly used by my boyfriend whose career is based in web design. I disagree. These days when I get postal mail it’s because there is a baby shower/wedding invitation or bill enclosed. A couple times a year I will get a notebook in the mail. This is the same notebook my friend Gena and I started in 2001 or was it 2002. She was moving back to California and we wanted our own special way of keeping in touch. So a couple times a year she sends me the notebook full of old letters, photos, trinkets, stickers and Korean keepsakes from her trips to give me the latest news. I try to update her on my latest goings on and trials and tribulations and celebratory news in return. Of course we could send messages on Facebook or by email but this is better. For some reason it just seems more thoughtful, more loving and more tangible. I miss getting letters from friends and not just the occasional card around the holidays. Facebook and Twitter are great for instant updates about your newest bad haircut, how much you hate politics and kidstagrams but I am greedy and want more. I love writing letters, poems and doodling pictures of my dog along the edge of the page. Thinking about it those actually look nothing like him. Why start and stop at writing friends though. I found this guy named Justin who travels the world and will send you a postcard from wherever he is at. He has me seriously intrigued with his site Postcards From A Stranger. Sounds a tad creepy but I love the idea. This guy must have thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. If you want to keep that snail mail love alive across the globe sign up for Global Pen Pals to correspond with some total randoms. Woah! I just found this amazing project on The Elevated Envelope for artists to exchange envelope art. I am going to sign up now for the next round in September. I can’t wait for my first piece of mail. I am going to go sit by the front door now and wait for the postman. I can say postman because our mail carrier is Tyrese, one hunk of a man. He makes you want to put your face on before answering the door. You know what I am talking about ladies(insert sly wink here).

Now I will leave you with a great penning project for Valentine’s Day. A sweet idea with whole lotta heart.