Last week someone I know on Facebook was complaining about a shopper with an Smart Phone using a Link card to buy their groceries. While this does seem a little unusual to me too it made me wonder about something else entirely. I started to think about all the times I myself went to Aldi and peered into someone else’s shopping cart, judging. Truth was, I was also there to buy the cheap crap food that is pretty much the same as regular stores but priced higher. In my cart was chips, pastas, breads, essentially carb heaven. Looking into others baskets and carts I saw groceries one would call “typical” if stereotyping by our class systems. The truth is, most people buy what they can afford, what goes the farthest in your household. Of course healthier foods like fruits and vegetables cost more than a case of Ramen noodles. It may not be the healthiest but at least your family will be fed. Now, those foods ultimately harm your health in the long term. Obesity is on the rise on this Country with no signs of stopping. So again, why do we do it??? Money. This made me again think about my own financial situation and weighed it against my health. One effects the other and vice versa. How can everyone including myself save money while still getting the healthy food we all obviously deserve, our children deserve??? (Hey parents, need a little perspective? watch this TED Talks with Jamie Oliver.)

So What’s The Answer? GROW OUR OWN FOOD!  Quit rolling your eyes and hear me out. Let’s talk about urban gardening and indoor gardens. One of these is for you!

DID YOU KNOW? You can grow some vegetables from your leftover scraps? Me neither! Thanks to Garden Swag  and Savvy-Living you are well on your way. Just click on the vegetable to get directions…

Apples     Tomatoes     Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes      Green Onions & Leeks     Carrot Tops     Pineapple    Celery,Romaine Lettuce and Cabbage     Avocado    Lentils     Pumpkin     Ginger     Garlic     Bok Choy     Mushroom  Lemongrass     Basil     Onions     Beets

I live in an apartment. WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO PLANT FOOD??? Good question, you angry city living reader. The answer is…anywhere! Here are a few window/indoor gardening ideas and tutorials for you. You. Are. Welcome.

Don’t forget to Google upside down planters or the more commercial As Seen On TV Topsy Turvy. For info on how to make a window box garden click here for the Vegetable Gardener’s instructions.

The visit the people at Window Farms for instructions on how to make your own. TODAY!

Let this Aussie show you how to make a garden using old plastic bottles. Reuse and recycle my friends. Woohoo!

So, it is not in English but you get the idea. Check out Barreau & Charbonnet.  There site will get you inspired to make your own.

HAVE A PATIO/BALCONY/SQUARE PATCH OF CEMENT? That’s good news! You only need a little space or a wall even to make your own garden oasis.

Use one of those old pallets you find all over the city to make a vertical garden.

Rain gutters? What??? That is so easy!

Take a que from these guys and make planter boxes for your patch of land.

GROWING OUTDOORS? Let the professionals do some of the work for you. There is a website that will tell you when you seed, plant and harvest your food specifically for your city. Each area is different due to climate, soil etc and the people at Sprout Robot have your back. Just type in your zip code and let the professionals help that black thumb or yours become green.

HAVE A YARD? You lucky sonofabish! The world is your oyster and you have no reason to not be gardening already. Get to it!

Plant Companions


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you got some good ideas on how to make your own urban garden.

Damn the man! Your food is free!