Here Comes the Judge

WEDDING SEASON IS HERE! IT’S HERE! RIGHT NOW!!! AREN’T YOU SUPER EXCITED?!?!?! YES, your answer should always be yes. I am going to show you a few of my favorite engagement, wedding, bridal shower, personalized gifts, what have you. I lump those all together because I am 34, have been to over 20 weddings in the couple years and yet can’t figure out the damn gift etiquette. (Oh yes, I think have heard of Gogle. oh it’s pronounced Google? Yea, well hmmmm, I’ll have to check that out later.) Of course it would be easier for us to just grab a ________ gift card and throw it in an envelope. Unfortunately for all of you getting married, I am one of those annoying people who prefers not to shop off the registry. TA DA! Yup, I may be the reason you didn’t get the full towel set or that fourth hand mixer (thank goodness). Guys! If you thought Etsy was a “chick thing”, think again. There are some epic gifts for dudes getting hitched as well. Strap yourselves in, here we go! Oh and remember a lot of these come in variety of colors so can customize it for the happy couple.

  1. Early Bird Ink
  2. Of Life and Lemons
  3. Up Up
  4. A New History
  5. Harvey Grey
  6. Spoiled Royal Studio
  7. Define Design 11
  8. Personal Posters 4 U
  9. Words Work Prints
  10. Print Me Prettiful
  11. Studio Jones 1
  12. Karimachal
  13. Good Old Days 1
  14. Artylicious
  15. Always Sparkle Art
  16. Spoiled Royal Studio
  17. Frilly Chili Design
  18. Apple Blossom Print
  19. Encore Prints
  20. Ink of Me
  21. Hello Sprout
  22. Personal Posters 4 U
  23. Mapity
  24. Apple Blossom Print
  25. Textured Ink
  26. Peachwik
  27. Flutterbye Notes
  28. Good Old Days 1