I’m Going Cuckoo

I think we all get the flutter of nostalgia when we see things from our childhood. For me there are three things that warm me with great emotion. One item is small Irmi lamp fitted with a retro orange lightbulb.  It was on the nightstand at my grandparents house in the room that my brother and I shared while visiting. I had spent many a night falling asleep staring into the orange glow. The other is a Black Forest cuckoo clock from my grandparents basement, just at the bottom of the stairs. I had always loved it even though even as a kid I remembered thinking it was kind of old fashioned looking. The third isn’t a visual but a taste, a smell…Jack Daniels. This was not my grandpa’s favorite whisky nor can I even remember it ever being stocked in their bar. Still, whenever I drink that specific brand it takes me back. You see, for me it tastes like how the dusty records in my grandparent’s basement smell. I know it sounds weird but it’s true.

While Irmi lamps are a vintage collectable now, the cuckoo clock has been given new life with the help of a lot of color and sometimes a lack thereof. It’s not often I say I MUST have something but these bad boys have me squealing with excitement at their sight.

Stephan Strumbel-Hello Petie-Gallavanting Girls-Plain Fancy Emporium-Marisol Spoon Makery-Carl Gruettert-Betty Octopus-Pedro Meahla-Decoy Lab-Dolan Geiman

Sometimes fashion over function actually makes sense. Especially when it comes to this batch of cuckoo clock art work.

Fantastic Toys-Pronounced You-Bright Barnaby-Jamie Zeff-Tiny Modernist-Purdey and Blue-All Cut Up by DG-Annie Poon-Rosie Plus the Boys

And sometimes fashion is just awesome.

Daliee Dose-Mini Blings-Crafty Cuts Laser