Trashy Treasure: The Shelving Unit

Trashy Treasure: The Shelving Unit

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

IKEA makes its millions with fiberboard furniture. Use it up, break it and throw it out… go back and buy some new fiberboard thing to replace it. It is a waste and creates A LOT of waste. Where do people think it goes when you throw it out? Sadly, there are not a million of me out there to reuse it (insert sly wink here).

I am often teased for the junk I bring home from people’s alley garbage. I don’t dig through cans but if I see an item or piece of furniture that I think still has some life left I will grab it. So when I saw this dilapidated IKEA shelving unit, covered in snow, leaning to the side, shelves hanging off and the back barely hanging on I knew I needed it. No, seriously, I needed it. We have been needing a shelving unit for our guest room for some time now but I could not justify spending money on something I figured I could whip together somehow. I had already planned out a crate creation when I saw this lil guy in the alley.

I am fortunate that while my boyfriend does not always see the potential in the items I bring home, he does appreciate my ability to repair, reuse and recreate. He trusts that I have a plan, even if he doesn’t see it. He of course teases, makes fun and is mystified by my selections but is also always shocked and seemingly happy with the outcome of my trashy treasures.

The cost to revamp this pile of crap? $5.00

I already had the 20 screws, 10 tack nails, 1/2 cup of wood glue, a piece of wood (leftover from baseboards that I cut into two pieces) and a little paint left over from a past roommate. Thanks, Sherri!

I had JUST bought a roll of shelf liner paper the week before $5.00


Did I mentioned I like trash??? Want to see some more garbage?


That gold tray was a free wooden picture frame from the 80’s that I spray painted gold.

The black perforated fabric was also free. It was left over from one of the beautiful designs by the clothing company, Lily & Migs. One of the talented designers, Jenn gave me some scraps that I love dearly. You should definitely check them out and “like” them on Facebook while you are at it!

In the corner of the pic you can see a bottle of jelly beans. That is an old liquor bottle with the top of the cap painted to make a delicious decoration.

Next to it is an old candle jar with mini lotions in it for our guests. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.

I got a case of the blues for the bedroom…




There’s that old dart board again!

Found it in the trash several years ago and turned it into a sunglasses rack.

CB Cement Event

CB Cement Event

Crafty Beavers Chicago-Crafting for a cause. 

Women meeting monthly to socialize, make art & crafts while donating goods, our time, and money to charities in need.

Last week the beautiful women of Crafty Beavers played with cement. From votives and desk organizers to book ends and jewelry dishes, they got messy as well as creative.

Here are some great cement & concrete craft ideas with links to tutorials if you want to try your hand at concrete or cement crafts at home:

Monetary Donation:

We are proud to support Spirit of America. The money will be used towards purchasing warning sirens for towns in Syria, to give civilians time to find cover from bombings. “In Syria, the Assad regime is using airstrikes to devastating effect, bombing its citizens indiscriminately to force them into submission. ”


Because they do not have electricity they best solution is simple hand-cranked sirens.


Item Donation:

This month we collected blankets, towels, sheets, toys, dog beds and newspapers for the CACC (Chicago Animal Care & Control). Check out the lot donated by the friends and family of the Beavers.


Remember that as you are doing your spring cleaning the CACC is always looking for these items as well as toys, treats, and clean litter boxes & scoops. Check out their wish list for more.




See you next month and stay crafty!


It’s Tea Time

It’s Tea Time

Here is my very first Etsy Treasury List! A current list of my favorite things.