Day 23: Pleased To Meat You

The last time I had red meat I was about twelve years old. I just didn’t like the way it tasted. My parents tried to get me to eat pork when they could by telling me it was just chicken prepared differently. I was fourteen the last time I remember eating chicken. I am more of a sushitarian these days. Yes, I know that is not actually a thing but it should be. My most hated smell in all the world next to the Durian fruit is bacon. My old roommate Dave loooooved bacon so one year for his birthday I got him the Bacon of the Month Club. Each month a new box would arrive with with three different packages of bacon. What a mistake! Every weekend the smell lingered in the house and permeated all of our clothes. After a few months he let me cancel it since his doctor told him to lay off the bacon for health reasons. HA! Sorry Dave.  To this day the smell of bacon makes me queasy. My boyfriend, Magoo is a meatatarian. Again, I know that’s not a thing but it should be. Together we are the perfect date. He eats the meat and I eat the veggies. He constantly cooks me vegan and vegetarian friendly meals, actually he makes almost all the meals in our home. I am not a very good cook, especially because half the time I forget that I started to cook/bake something. Yes, yes I have used timers but once the timer goes off my mind immediately thinks of something else and I forget. What can I say, I am a weirdo.

For today I want to cook my man meat. I carefully went through two hours worth of recipes and Magoo’s final decision was…. drumroll please… Chicken Cordon Bleu. I couldn’t believe it. Of all the things he could have, this is what he wanted. Whenever we would go to the grocery store he would look to buy the crappy frozen ones but they are always sold out. Either these things are really good or just really cheap. Ha Ha. I found this yummy looking recipe on the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything. If you love food you will love this blog. Just ignore the broccoli in the photo. That is going to be what I am eating for dinner. Like I said, together we are the perfect date. Wish me luck!