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    With three people living in our apartment space is an issue. Scratch that. I am the issue. I am an organized clutter minimalist, if that even makes sense. Sure I may own a lot of things, but not really. Our apartment seems cluttered even though it looks rather empty. Don’t get me wrong I love the gifts my friends gave me, the art we have collected and a homey feel but it needs to be put away somewhere.  I don’t like things left laying on the coffee table, not even remotes. Which baffles my boyfriend as to what I think it’s supposed to be used for then. Well now I just sound like a weirdo. I truly believe that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. I like the bright and spacious look of a clean and empty-ish looking apartment. So while space is a problem for storing our stuff it is also equally important how it is stored.

    We only have one closet for three people’s plethora of towels, bed linens and dining linens. Yes, we own dining linens. Also, I am so cheap, I want it free. Yes, I also said free. I decided to take this storage issue to the basement. Insert creaking stairs and eerie noises here. I found some seriously old, rusty cans of paint and a little bit of leftover shelf liner paper. I snagged some old shipping boxes, a Miller High Life, threw on some Law & Order Season 1 and went to town.  After painting the boxes white to cover up the USPS red and blue motif I added dots. I traced mugs, cups and shot glasses onto the shelf liner paper. I felt so fancy sipping my champagne of beers while cutting tedious circles. Oh Jack McCoy, your court banter is so witty. I could listen to you object all day. An episode and a half later and I was done. I threw sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths into the boxes, in an organized fashion of course and tied them closed with black ribbon. TADA!

    Of couse I had the perfect place to put them out of the way in our circus tent of a diningroom. So you can spend twenty bucks on a storage bin from the store or spend zero dollars and make them yourself.  The Miller High Life was even free. I found it in the back of the fridge. SCORE!

    Full Shot 2

    Full Shot 1        Close Up Materials    Boxes Step 1

    Boxes Final    Close Up 2    Boxes Final Close Up    Full Shot 2



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    It has been a looooooooong week. We had company stay with us from London, midget wrestling, a drag show, housewarming party and a brunch. It’s been great but I need to buckle down and start getting some work done. I am a chronic note taker. You can find notes in Sharpie on my hand and arm, scribbles on the back of receipts, in magazines I thumb through, in the notes section of my phone. The repetitiveness of taking the note is almost OCD like. Taking the note down four or five times does however make sure that I don’t forget. I am totally wasting paper, skin space and end up with a million notes strewn about. There are actually thirteen stickies on my desktop at this very minute. EGAD! Tax time is going to be humorous when I have all these business receipts with “get toilet paper, crystal light and finish chalkboards” boldly written on them. You would think that with my excessive note taking my checkbook would look pristine, nope. I haven’t used one since early 2000. I need to organize my brain! Let’s try to make some room in there for other things.

    First I am downloading Evernote. With Evernote you can make notes, make image clips, save webpages, files, lists and they sync up with every available device and computer you use.

    Then I am signing up for Outright. It’s bookkeeping software that syncs up your bank, credit cards, PayPal, Etsy and more. You can even prepare your taxes in it which is nice.  It markets itself towards small business owners and crafters and it’s free.

    Now onto my morning ritual of coffee and emails. Well hello there 17 subscription emails. Some of you have got to go. I simply don’t have time to read you all anymore. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me. Just kidding, it’s totally you. It is going to be real easy getting rid of all three cooking sites. All I do is forget I am cooking and burn the Teflon off of the pan I am using anyway. It’s just safer not to be encouraged at this point.  I sure as hell don’t need Etsy Weddings emails or the two other Alderman’s office updates. I haven’t lived in one of those districts in almost 3 years. I will die before I get rid of Apartment Therapy though! Sigh, I can’t quit you. Goodbye to the five sites I bought clothes from and now they won’t leave me alone. Then there is the eye candy of Polyvore, Uncovet and Etsy who exist only to torture my poor soul. Uncovet it great though because they offer discounts on awesome things that you find on Etsy and other retail sites. I am currently drooling over this shirt right now. One afternoon this summer we were driving home from Pilsen and saw two guys waiting for the bus. One of them had this very shirt on I we all became very giddy at the sight of it. We had to roll our windows down to tell him how awesome he was being the proud owner of such a bad ass shirt. Fast forward to today and BAM! I open my email and there it was!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! That was supposed to sound angelic and not like I a murderous howl. I mean look at it, that shirt screams “I’M A MAN!”. After that guy punched the bear he bought the bear a beer and they talked about football while eating deer meat. Then he gave the bear a ride home on the back of his motorcycle and walked him to the door. Because this guy is not only a manly man’s man, he is also a gentleman. You can tell by the suspenders.

    Deep breath in, deep breath out. I did it. I made things a little simpler for myself. It’s time to put away the Sharpie, the post its, the receipts, and the junk email. I have better things to do now…like look at Imgur and at this tattoo someone got. That is one crazy Die Hard fan!




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    Of all the resolutions people have made I think the most attainable one is to “GO”, get organized. However I think that there is a just as much a commercial aspect to this as a mental wellness one. I refuse to buy any more crap no matter how organizational it claims to be. Today I am reusing things I have lying around the house to make more of an organized chaos of my home.