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    Here are five things that will blow your mind.

    1) Did you know that you can recycle your old smokes? No, really you can! The crazy can-doers over at Terracycle created the Cigarette Waste Brigade and figured out a way to make useable items out of your left over buds.  They even send you free shipping labels. Boy do I pity the employees who have to smell old stale cigarette butts eight hours a day. I may include some air fresheners on lanyards with our shipment.



    2) Remember when you saw Waterworld for the first time with all of its wonderment and awe? Bahahahaha. I am crying laughing right now. I am still mad at Kevin Costner to this day for making such a bad movie and tainting my Field of Dreams memories. Still, if you build it they will come. I am speaking of the Lilypad, “a floating ecopolis for climate refugees”. The architect Vincent Callebaut has big plans for floating cities come the day we have our very own Waterworld crisis. Check out his full website to see the full plans for the Lilypad and other sustainable city blueprints. 



    3) Yan Lu is scaring people into being conscientious about their water consumption. If you leave the water on while brushing your teeth you could kill your pet Goldie. Egad!



    4)  Oh great. Now our bad ass prison guard jobs will be taken from us. Thanks a lot South Korea. I was being sarcastic when I said thanks. Obviously I don’t mean it. Does Johnny 5 get maintenance insurance with that job? The “Guard” is just being tested in prisons right now. I hope Chuck Norris doesn’t ever get arrested. He would high kick some dalek head right off.


    5) The firefighter profession just took a nose dive. Millions of young boys are realizing they don’t have to fight fire in order to use a slide as an adult. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Again! Again!



    I know what you are thinking right now. Nothing. Your mind has been blown. You. Are. Welcome.



  • DAY 30: SMILE

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    I love seeing these strong, thoughtful, hilarious ladies each month. They come from the suburbs, far edges of the city, they rush from work, they brave Chicago’s crazy weather. Many take what precious time they are given to sneak away from home having to hire baby sitters. A warmth grows in my chest a little at just how wonderful they all are. For most of us this is the only time we see each other.  This could be the first time we have ever met or it’s last time we will see them for awhile. Life has a way giving us busy work. For today’s change, one of the very last changes I will have made this month I promise to renew C.B.C.’s dedication. Our dedication to support our community,  the earth and each other. Crafting for a cause…

    This month we proudly support Operation Smile. This is an organization which performs surgeries to repair cleft lips and cleft palates to those who either cannot afford the procedures or live in a part of the world where it is not readily performed. Remember how self-conscience you when you had acne in high school or even now? Now imagine if you felt like that for the rest of your life. By donating you not only help these people make a physical change but you help give them higher self esteem on the inside as well. I hope you visit their site today and support this very special group of people and their cause.

    For our craft we learned glass etching. We repurposed items we already owned with almost no waste being made. Here are a couple blog tutorial links on how to etch from Thistle Wood Farms and Say Yes to Hoboken. Check out what some of the Beavers made below…



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    You are probably wondering where day 27 went. It went by very slowly at an alarming hangover rate. Now hear me in write this in the voice of Roger Murtaugh, “I’m too old for this shit”. The only change I was making yesterday was couch to recliner to bed.

    So let’s start anew today. Feeling peppy and productive I want to talk about a very simple change. NO MORE BAGS! I cannot recall the last time I was asked if I want paper. The production of bags these days is so poor that they double them as part of procedure. This is doubly bad for momma earth. Did you know that plastic grocer’s bags are banned in California? Genius! If you go shopping without bringing your own bags be prepared to leave with with things stuffed in your pockets with arms full. I have heard rumor of this eco action spreading to Oregon too and  threats that Chicago wants to join the cool club too in the next couple years. Not soon enough I say. Snag those reusable bags for your groceries and say goodbye to the under the kitchen sink clutter of bags. Bye bye baggies! I bought some from Joann’s Fabrics for only a buck each, they were on sale. They fold up to fit in your purse, your truck, and your glove box.  They even fit in the pocket of some of my jackets depending on the brand. Get with it Chicago! Let’s do this thing!

    You can find the bags below at Joann’s, Reuseit, and the Global Bag Project if you want to support a not for profit as well.